Quinoa Crispies

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A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a new product, quinoa puffs. I had seen them advertised as being great for topping a yogurt/fruit bowl or adding to various salads and recipes.

Picture: nuts.com
Picture: nuts.com

While searching the web I had realized that quinoa puffs must be a newer product because I wasnt finding them easily. I eventually found them, for the lowest price, on Nuts.com. I bought a few … Keep reading this post

Avocado Eggs

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There was a sale on avocados this week and of course I bought too many…wait…can you ever have too many avocados? I dont think so! It’s funny though because a few years ago I wouldn’t touch an avocado to save my life and now they are a staple in our diet. It must have been a texture thing or I just didn’t know how to use them. Now … Keep reading this post

Checking Herds

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Sean, the boys and I headed out after supper tonight to check a couple of bison herds for Marielle, Sean’s sister/ ranch manager. As much as I can be a home-body sometimes I always have a great time when we do it as a family.
Tonight went as expected…open the gate to the pasture, drive in, close the gate and then drive through the field to find the bison. This … Keep reading this post

A Day with the Birds – Bagel Bird Feeder

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This last weekend Sean’s family’s business, Northstar Bison, hosted a grazing conference here in town. Everyone had their own special area they contributed themselves to and mine was being the ring master of the zoo.
No… I wasn’t in the pasture keeping the buffalo in line but rather keeping watch over my niece and nephews along with my two boys. I absolutely LOVE having the cousins over and so … Keep reading this post

Flourless Double Chocolate Mini Muffins

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Yesterday afternoon, on the way home from town, Sean says, “I want muffins today.”

You see, it was a perfect comfort food kind of day… Cold, Rainy, Wet, Cold, Windy, Overcast…and did I mention COLD!?!? We were also on our way home from my niece’s ice skating show which chilled the bones a little more.
I LOVED his idea of making muffins but didn’t want to compromise on our healthy … Keep reading this post

Teach Your Child to Read…


It’s a very exciting time when your child discovers the wonderful world of reading…or at least I can imagine it would be. I don’t remember my own personal reading discovery experience and Lincoln has not yet learned.

At the beginning of the school year (just turning 4) Lincoln and I started the ever popular Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I had heard nothing but great … Keep reading this post